One Year Transiversary

"Okay!  Here it goes!"  I exclaimed.  I took a gulp of water and swallowed some small blue and large white pills.  With that, my life took a new course.   I had just taken my first dose of spironolactone (spiro) and estradiol.  Spiro is used to block testosterone while estradiol is estrogen.  That was March 12,... Continue Reading →

Smashing Stereotypes

When I was first coming out as transgender, one of my friends exclaimed, "You're going to be one of those cool girls who likes sports!" I'll never forget that comment, because I was so relieved to be accepted by one of my best friends. Yes, I could be one of those cool girls! I really... Continue Reading →

Say Yes to the Dress

"Why not try it?" my doctor asked in the summer of 2016.  I knew I was transgender but very afraid to express myself or begin the transition process.  She was telling me I needed to get outside as my true self and let the world see me.  I also wanted to make sure that transitioning... Continue Reading →

The Pressure to Pass

In the early days of my transition, and even to some extent now, I was obsessed with the idea of passing. In the transgender community, passing means to appear as one's gender identity and not as trans.  I would spend hours getting ready; doing make-up, picking out clothes, shaving everything, plucking eyebrows, tucking, etc.  I... Continue Reading →

Choosing to Live

In the beginning of my transition, some people asked me, "why come out?"  The way I see it, there was no other option.  In the months leading up to that step, I was a shell existing through life.  It hurt to laugh, it hurt to engage and it hurt to be happy. I'm pretty sure... Continue Reading →

Me: A Name I Call Myself

"What are we going to call you?" Megan asked when I first decided to start my transition.  The truth was, I hadn't really settled on a new name.  In the journal I kept in college, I called myself Alison.  This choice was quickly vetoed. (No offence to anyone named Alison, it just didn't seem to... Continue Reading →

Recognizing Myself

Old pictures bring people together. Anytime my family would gather, you knew the old photo albums would come out. There would be old family vacations, old houses we lived in, old people we knew and more. The stories are endless. Some of my favourite memories are just sitting back and listening to my mum and... Continue Reading →

Hi there! It’s me, Madeline.

“I think I should tell you something,” I said as our conversation reached a lull. “I think I am Transgender. I sometimes feel like I should be a woman.” It was August 2013. My spouse Megan and I were headed to Las Vegas for our long overdue honeymoon. We were driving along a long stretch... Continue Reading →

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