A Day Without Trans

#wontbeerasedThe Trump Administration is reportedly considering a narrow legal definition of gender.  It was first reported in the New York Times over the weekend. According to the article, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is arguing for an “explicit and uniform definition of gender as determined ‘on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.'” It would define sex as either male or female, determined by the genitals.  This would erase federal protections under Title IX for transgender or non-binary Americans.

We will not be erased.

If the memo comes to fruition, I will still be here. My transgender and non-binary siblings will still be here.

We will not be erased.

I’ve been out for 18 months.  Nothing will change the absolute joy I’ve felt living an authentic life.  I’m no longer existing. I’ve made greater connections with my spouse, my family and friends.  I feel human.

We will not be erased.

I’m a person just like you.  I have a family, friends and pets.  I love road trips, walking on the beach and reading.  I have a job that pays my bills, medications and for my hobbies.  I’m your neighbour, co-worker, customer or that stranger walking by on the street.

We will not be erased.

There’s no reset button in life.  There’s no way I will step back into the closet and undo everything that’s gotten me here.  The closet is a dark and isolating place.  People will likely be forced to go there, but they deserve a chance to live.

We will not be erased.

This policy could lead to an increase in bullying and suicide.  It seems okay to hate when the government gives its citizens a free pass based on fear and misunderstanding.  Where does that leave us as a society?  Is that the kind of community you want to live in?

We will not be erased.

It’s hard to deny a person’s hardwired feelings.  Like the deep-rooted beliefs of hate, I have deep-rooted beliefs that I am a woman.  I’ve known from a young age that I was given the wrong body.  My heart and my brain has told me so.  Trust your gut.  You are who you are.

We will not be erased.

People who identify as transgender work hard to build their lives, sometimes at a great risk to themselves.  It’s not a path we choose lightly.  It’s not trendy.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It takes courage and we’re tough and strong.  We know a thing or two about fighting for our rights.  For us, it’s life or death.  I choose life.

Play it again, Sam.  WE WILL NOT BE ERASED.




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